Custom Architectural Plans for a Pergola

Custom Architectural Plans for a Pergola

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In addition to these plans, you will gain free access to a wealth of technical information and design resources not available anywhere else.

  • Details to add a Solid Roof to your structure.
  • Learn about adding lighting and electrical to your structure
  •  Additional full size carving templates
  • Specific construction techniques for building a pergola

All of this and much more on our member website, at absolutely no additional cost!

You will get a custom set of architectural plans and documents that allow you to build a very high-quality pergola that will last for many years.

The size will be determined using any of our baseline models but with 2ft increments between columns in both directions.

The Image below gives an example using our 12'x12' model.

Once you place your order you will receive a custom layout template to show your desired size and beam orientation. The FineHouse design team will reach out to you to confirm everything is as you wish and to understand any further refinements to your design.

Your design will be complete and emailed to you in approximately 10 days, customized to your exact specifications.

Included with the design are the following; Foundation plan, front and side elevations, alternate elevations, roof plan, lintel plan, cross-sections, connection details, shop drawings, full-scale templates for a variety of carved ends, and a complete material list. Included are more than 22 pages of drawings.

This set of plans will allow you to apply for a building permit with all of the drawings required by most jurisdictions but does not include an engineer or architect's seal, this must be obtained locally if required.

These plans are provided as a PDF in 11x17 format with a license to build one structure. 

Once you place your order, you will be given the option to have printed plans delivered to you for an additional $25.00

If you have any questions about this custom set of plans, please call us at (800) 686-3180