Column - Structural, Square, Roughsawn

Column - Structural, Square, Roughsawn

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Square Roughsawn Columns are made of a cast composite and are guaranteed against rot, insect damage and wear from the weather. The columns are also highly resistant to physical abrasion and fire. With optional PostCore™, installation is greatly simplified and structural qualities enhanced. Capital and base are included.


  • Structural columns come with a 20 year guaranteed
  • True to original classical forms and proportions
  • Optional sizes up to 14" square & 16' in height
  • Optional split in half for existing post application or to use as a pilaster
  • Optional in PostCore™
  • CAD details available for professionals


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The 8 inch, square, Roughsawn Column shown to the left has Roughsawn capital and base with the PostCore™ shown. The 8" column is often used on projects of a smaller scale or grouped to achieve mass and an effect.